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The business is all about service and profit. Let NAM Vending Services set you up with your own vending business, with no area restrictions, no product restrictions and no problems.

The following are benefits of small location vending that are seldom found in other businesses.

100% Cash business
Immediate cash flow with no lean years
N$ 100 – N$ 200 per hour income potential
With a return on investment of between 75% to 115% per annum
All coinmech and bill validators are fully automatic and accept Namibian and South African currencies and give change. Other currencies can also be programmed if so required
Being your own boss
Variable working hours
No product advertising costs
No employees
Full technical backup
Purchase stock from any supplier – shop for the best prices
All the equipment is well known and established worldwide. Some of these companies have been building vending machines since the 1950’s
Full vending services ensure refreshments “24 hours a day, 7 days a week”
No need for a vast knowledge in all phases of the business – learn in days instead of years
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